Recommendations for the use

Special for user of the CD.

The Application should start automatically, if not,  please clickthe file "auto.exe" . It is a linkage its Standartbrowser the index side starts and more than your Standartbrowser does not need it  for the further use. With the “bent arrow” on each side one comes above back to the main side.

For all users - same whether by CD or on-line one.

- Right : there is a  list of my current on-line OFB projects - they can only be attained  on-line

- Left : there is a list with different formats of the local family album.

Ancestor file: click and the program ancestor sheet (also on CD) starts, in addition small Popup windows opens around and ask for permission. Click “implementing” . In this format the OFB was written and therefore grants it the most ideal view.

GED file: Gedcom is the generally spread format, here clicks and a Popupf window asks if  the file is to be “opened” or “saved” . You  can use the file in such a way on your own ancestor program - whent  Gedcom allows exports and/or opinions.

HTM file: for those who doesn´t want to load the files , the OFB here once again as htm. It is possible to be seen with each Browser. However it is a not straight ideal view. It is advisable to start the file in a second Browser window or Tab

Steffan Bruns